Dead Horse Point State Park: 10 Things To Know

Utah is home to some of the most spectacular national and state parks in the U.S. And Dead Horse Point State Park is no exception. Here are 10 epic reasons you need to add this spot to your Utah bucket list!

Dead Horse Point State Park: 10 Things To Know
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Located just 32 miles from Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park sits atop sheer sandstone cliffs rising 2,000 feet above the Colorado River. The views are simply breathtaking. Keep reading for more on this stunning park.

1. The Legend Behind the Name

So how did Dead Horse Point get its name? According to legend, cowboys once used the narrow 30-yard neck of land to corral wild mustangs roaming the mesa tops. But one time, they accidentally left the horses trapped on the waterless point. With no escape down the steep cliffs, the horses tragically died of thirst within view of the Colorado River below.

2. Millions of Years of Geological History

The park's spectacular canyon panoramas were formed over millions of years through sediment deposition and erosion. Ancient oceans, lakes, streams and sand dunes created the incredible rock layers you see today.

3. Desert Plants and Wildlife

The desert environment may seem harsh, but the plants and animals here have adapted in amazing ways. Flora like cacti have small, waxy leaves to conserve water. And most desert creatures are nocturnal to avoid the heat.

4. Top Spot for Photos

The views from Dead Horse Point are considered some of the most photographed vistas in the entire world. From sunrises to sunsets, it's truly picturesque.

5. Camping and Yurts

There are campgrounds and even luxurious yurts to spend the night under the stars. The campgrounds offer shaded sites while the yurts have unforgettable canyon views.

6. Hiking Trails Galore

Miles of hiking trails range from easy, paved paths to more rugged terrain. Leashed dogs are welcome on most trails too.

7. Mountain Biking Mecca

The new Intrepid Trail System has slickrock, washouts, and incredible scenery perfect for mountain biking. It's great for families and beginners too.

8. Stargazing Hotspot

Recognized as an International Dark Sky Park, Dead Horse Point is one of the best places for stargazing near Moab. Join a moonlit hike or gaze through telescopes at galaxies far away.

9. Protecting the Desert Ecosystem

Be sure to stay on trails to avoid damaging the fragile biological soil crust that helps desert plants thrive. This ensures the area's beauty will be preserved.

10. Sheer Natural Beauty

From the towering cliffs to the Colorado River below, Dead Horse Point showcases Utah's dramatic landscapes at their finest. Another reason why Utah is Awesome!