26 Unique Facts About Utah

How many of these Utah facts did you know?

26 Unique Facts About Utah

1. Leading the country, Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its impressive number of plastic surgeons per capita.

2. The Dutch oven, uniquely adopted as a state symbol in Utah, sets it apart from all other U.S. states.

3. The aptly named town of Levan, "navel" spelled backward, is nestled right at the center of Utah.

4. Holding the title for the oldest operating amusement park in the West, Lagoon in Farmington, Utah, also hosts "Old Woodie," the third oldest roller coaster nationwide.

5. A significant health concern, Utah has witnessed an alarming 800% rise in the abuse of prescription drugs over the last ten years.

6. Thanks to its high altitude and desert-like conditions, Utah enjoys uniquely powdery, dry snow, proudly touted as the "Greatest Snow on Earth."

7. Hailing from Richfield, Utah, Walter Frederick Morrison, the brains behind the invention of the Frisbee, was a local.

8. Salt Lake City houses the country's premier rubber chicken production facility.

9. Marking significant milestones in Utah's history, 1847 (arrival of Mormon settlers) and 1896 (statehood) are proudly displayed on the state seal.

10. Dating back 75 million years, Utah was part of Laramidia, a land teeming with dinosaurs.

11. The "Utahraptor," the world’s largest known raptor, once roamed the lands of Utah.

12. Ski enthusiasts, take note! January 13 is statistically the snowiest day in Utah, promising perfect conditions on the slopes.

13. The first department store in the U.S., the Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI), originated in Utah in 1868.

14. Beaver, Utah, was the birthplace of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of the all-electronic prototype of television.

15. Each county within Utah features a portion of a national forest, a unique feature among U.S. states.

16. Trivia fans might be surprised to learn the first-ever KFC didn't start in Kentucky but rather Salt Lake City, Utah.

17. Unique among state capitals, Salt Lake City has a three-word name, once even longer as "Great Salt Lake City."

18. According to WalletHub, Utah tops the charts as the most charitable state, leading in volunteer rates and donation amounts.

19. Utah's rich biodiversity is home to more than 600 vertebrate species, alongside a wide variety of invertebrates and insects.

20. Only surpassed by Alaska and California, Utah ranks third for the most national parks in the U.S.

21. Found in various counties, Utah's state gem, topaz, doubles as the birthstone for November.

22. Designated as Utah's official insect in 1983, the honey bee (Apis mellifera) is an emblematic state symbol.

23. Recognizing its major role in electricity production, Utah officially declared Coal as the State Rock in 1991.

24. Among the 15 subspecies of cutthroat trout, the Bonneville Cutthroat calls Utah home.

25. The sego lily, an endemic flower of the western U.S. and an important source of nutrition for early settlers, is Utah's state flower.

26. With its arid climate, Utah is the runner-up to Nevada for the driest state in the U.S, boasting approximately 300 days of sunshine annually.